If Music Be The Food of Capitalism, Play On

May 7, 2010 · Comments Off 

Despite economic hardships nationwide, music festivals are still going strong – maybe even better than before. It may be too soon to tell, but the 2010 summer season expects record ticket sales and positive economic gains.

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Belo Corporation Holds on Tight Through Advertising Slump

May 3, 2010 · Comments Off 

Dallas-based media company, Belo Corporation, is slowly climbing back to the top after being hit hard by the recession.

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Investors Beware: New Technology Continues to Hurt Newspaper Revenues

April 29, 2010 · Comments Off 

Investors should be wary of newspaper publishing companies, as decreased advertising revenues and changing technology still overshadow the industry’s hope for survival.

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J.C. Penney Stock on the Rise

April 28, 2010 · Comments Off 

March was a great month for retail sales, with general sales increasing 1.6 percent. It was an even better month for J.C. Penney Co. (JCP), with a 5.4 percent increase in same-store sales.

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Credit Cards For Students

April 27, 2010 · Comments Off 

Recent credit card reforms will restrict the way students use “plastic” from now on. Without a co-signer, students under 21-years-old will be unable to get a credit card, and hopefully save their credit.

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Blockbuster Closing its Doors?

April 26, 2010 · Comments Off 

Blockbuster has definitely seen better days. And now, thanks to a competitive entertainment market and the economy making a slow comeback, Blockbuster has to face the possibility of bankruptcy.

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The Price of Choosing to Live Off-Campus

April 21, 2010 · 1 Comment 

The problem with finding housing becomes more prominent in light of the relative scarcity, and price, of any off-campus residencies up for lease or sale. Housing prices for off-campus apartments are typically higher in price and don’t include extras like Internet.

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SMU Abroad Programs Have Students Saving Up

April 21, 2010 · Comments Off 

When SMU junior Liz Galante found out in February that she was accepted into the SMU-in-Italy: Arts and Culture summer program, she knew she would have to start saving up, spending wisely and making some tough decisions in order to study somewhere that she has always wanted to go.

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SMU’s Endowment Takes a Toll on Park N’ Pony

April 14, 2010 · Comments Off 

Park N’ Pony has seen a four percent decrease on their spending budget due to the plunge in SMU’s endowment. But Mark Rhodes, director of parking and identification services, says that even though Park N’ Pony doesn’t have as much to spend as it once did, they are still able to maintain the same level of customer service.

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Downturn in Economy Affecting Study Abroad

March 24, 2010 · Comments Off 

Many college students want to study abroad during their time on campus, but some are unable to because of financial issues. Though traveling to and from another country can be pricy, the SMU Abroad office seeks to help students with financial aid and with programs to match their budget.

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