Dolphin Heights Works to Close Achievement Gap

October 14, 2011 · Comments Off 

Dolphin Heights is a low-income neighborhood in East Dallas bordered by Dolphin Road. When developers decided to build more houses in the area a few years back, the city suggested they start a crime watch group with the area’s residents. This has lead to the creation of the Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association. One of the most positive changes for the neighborhood came in the form of an after-school tutoring program.

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The Reality of Reality Television

October 14, 2011 · 1 Comment 

Reality shows like “Dallas Daughters & Divas” have millions of viewers tuning in every week. As producers continue to move their projects to the southern regions, Dallas has seen an increase in coverage especially in the area of reality television. Style Network’s “Big Rich Texas” and “Donna Decorates Dallas” on HGTV are both based in Dallas.

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Silver Labs: The New Fad in Dogs

October 12, 2011 · 1 Comment 

Melanie Phillips has been breeding Labrador Retrievers for 13 years. For the first eight years she bred the standard colors: black, yellow and chocolate. Now she breeds a canine that many people have never heard of, a silver Labrador.

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