Global News Blog: Economy Recession Causes Rise in Internet Crime

March 31, 2009  

Posted by Chase Smith

You don’t need me to tell you that we are in a financial nightmare. No one feels safe buying, investing, or sometimes putting all your cash away in a bank. According to an article put out by the Australian News this week, criminals are on the loose. Keep locking your car when you go to the store, but make sure to monitor your computer a little closer, too.?

Two pieces about cyber crime grace the Australian wire this week. Both discussed how criminals are looking to make a quick buck off of our bliss. The more disturbing article to me was one that talked about how cyber criminals are specifically targeting kids.

Children are growing up in this age of technology, but still do not understand the repercussions that spending mass time on the internet can cause. The most dangerous effects right now are ways that they let criminals into their homes through a computer screen.

We are warned that social sites like Facebook or MySpace can lead to stalkers creeping through your Spring Break photos, but children don’t always grasp the concept that their profile picture of the Jonas Brothers may look like a money sign. Kids who accept every friend invite from random faces on Facebook could be letting in malicious software to their desktops.

This type of software can find passwords, check key strokes, or even expose bank account numbers. It’s disgusting that this even occurs in the first place, but now the hard times are making kids an easy target.

So what’s the lesson from a few poor kids leaving a door open for fraud online? Pay attention to every e-mail you receive and think twice about who you let view your social sites. All cyber criminals need is one accepted e-mail or message to invade your personal life.

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