Campus News Blog: Music Director Robert Dodson Brings Enthusiasm to Meadows Administration

March 31, 2009  

Posted by Rachel Orr

The Meadows School of the Arts has seen a lot a administrative changes in the past few years, but it looks as if new SMU’s division of music director Robert Dodson, who came here last June, is here to stay. To say the least, the SMU faculty is filled with cheers and could not be happier.

Dodson, who is 67, might be on the mature side to receive such a new position but his résumé spans the globe with administrative positions from Toronto’s Royal Conservatory to, just before coming to SMU, the New England Conservatory of Music.

According to Larry Palmer, professor of harpsichord and organ, the SMU faculty appreciates and admires Dodson’s perfect balance of enthusiasm and decency coupled with his genuine concern for and interest in the faculty’s own thoughts and opinions. Palmer alluded that this was not always the case.

“I already note a renewed sense of collegiality among my colleagues,” he said.

Dodson’s enthusiasm for SMU’s music division. is quite evident when he referred to it as “one of SMU’s and Dallas’ best-kept secrets.”

This Wednesday, Dodson hopes to make his great enthusiasm for SMU music no longer his own at SMU’s annual Meadows at the Meyerson, which will feature the Meadows Symphony Orchestra, the Meadows Chorale and the Meadows Concert Choir.

Meadows at the Meyerson promises to showcase some of the best student and faculty talent and, along with the help of Dodson, a new enthusiasm.

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