Global News Blog: The Truth Behind African Healers

April 1, 2009  

Posted by Leslie McCain

Modern sangoma (aka traditional African healer), Amanda Gcabashe has designed a website that provides awareness of the African tradition and offers services to those in need of her spiritual guidance. Although Gcabashe lives in South Africa, the website allows her to reach viewers worldwide, which extends her network of clients and informs more people about the truth behind sangomas.

On her website, Bcabashe includes information about how myths and certain past healers have given sangomas a bad name. She wants to destroy the negative image given to sangomas by explaining that not all are bad.

She claims that when good healers get lumped with the bad, it causes fear and negative stereotypes. This is where cultural understanding and sensitivity play key roles in understanding the lives of others. People must learn to accept the differences rather than view them as something wrong and unacceptable.

Due to her business background, Gcabashe knows that the internet is the best way to spread information on sangomas to a mass audience and to teach those from other cultural backgrounds about the benefits and reasons behind the spiritual tradition. Gcabashe wants to show that sangomas are just as important today as any other century and serve as a form of therapy and healing.

I think the website is a great way to introduce others of the unique cultural tradition. It provides helpful facts and definitions for those unfamiliar with healers and explains the truth behind any questionable myths. The website is very informative and even includes a section for sending contact information to arrange future services or to learn more about sangomas. Gcabashe provides a contact tab for those with questions and is working to create a ‘frequently asked questions’ section in the near future.

I feel that Gcabashe could gain even more popularity on her website by listing a section that discusses success stories from current and past clients. The section would increase her credibility and provide more confidence for those considering her services. To view the full article click here.

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One Response to “Global News Blog: The Truth Behind African Healers”

  1. Eric on April 1st, 2009 5:58 pm

    Certainly tries to dispell the old saying that when you’ve seen one sangoma, you’ve seen them all.