Arts Beat: Prophetic Twist On Art

April 27, 2009  

Prophetic art can be described through pictures of animals, decapitation, and all other types of Etruscan Art? that can be? seen in the Meadows Museum.? Nancy De Grummond? spoke to art enthusiasts? Thursday, April 23, about how art can be portrayed prophetically. The Meadows Museum lecture was not the most popular amongst SMU students,? however approximately 45 people attended the lecture.

De Grummond spoke to her audience about her focus on the exclusive collection which includes convex canvases and shiny surfaces, including mirrors. Her lecture focused on the ability to distort the reflection of art. Not only has De Grummond wrote “A Guide to Etruscan Mirrors,” but she recently published two related books, (The Religion of the Etruscans and Etruscan Mythology, Sacred History, and Legend.)

I found the lecture to be interesting because prophecy is a difficult idea to illustrate. I was taken aback? by the images she showed by numerous artists who have cullminated a vast array of convex artistry.

Although this research by De Grummond is not for everyone, the basic understanding of various art forms in important to observe throughout life. And because I am studying in Italy during the upcoming summer, I was happy to know that De Grummond has taken her worldview of Hellenistic and Roman Archeology abroad.

–Posted by Christina Murphy

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