Global News Blog: Swine Flu Reaches Globally as China Prepares for Worst

April 30, 2009  

Posted by Medley Buttermore

Talk about global communications. The Swine influenza epidemic has now reached many regions all over the world causing schools all over the country to close their doors and turn thousands of students away from school. This type of global spread is unique because it is the first time we are seeing the global spread of a virus in real time. China, like the rest of the world, is trying to handle this epidemic in the best way possible.

Chinese President Hu Jintao and other state leaders have stepped up prevention and control measures since Tuesday to cope with the current situation. The President has also sent a message to his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderón to express sympathy for the families of the victims who have already fallen to swine flu according to a China Daily article. This type of global spread is unlike any other and has spread without the help of technology. Usually this world wide spread is due thanks to twitter and other social networking sites spreading information globally.

However, even though this world wide epidemic did not spread with the aid of technology that could just be the saving grace to help control and maintain the illness and the further damage it may cause. With the help of technology and other global communications other parts of the world are better informed about the spread of the virus and this can help contain the situation and end panic all over the globe.

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One Response to “Global News Blog: Swine Flu Reaches Globally as China Prepares for Worst”

  1. Eric on May 6th, 2009 10:09 am

    Actually, I would argue that global communications CAUSED the panic. The number of people who have this flu is minimal compared to the annaul flu, yet we don’t see as much media attention on it — even though 33,000 Americans die every year from it.

    And I wouldn’t be took quick to praise China. They locked up an entire flight of Mexican nationals who traveled to China for holiday — just because they were from Mexico. Sure would have been a little better to perform health exams on them all before sumarily accusing them of spreading the flu.