Sports Blog: Variety of Wellness II Classes are Free and Fun

September 21, 2009  

Posted by Kimmy Ryan

If you are like a lot of people at SMU, you most likely played a sport in high school. And, you most likely do not in college.

College brings a lot of changes, one of the most notable and noticeable ones is packing on the freshman 15… and then some.

Some kids turn to intramurals to get their exercise. But, if you are not a frat star, this usually does not appeal. Some turn to club sports. But, if you do not want to travel or are not super competitive, this will not be your cup of tea.

More and more SMU students are turning to Wellness II classes, better known as Choices II, to get their athletic fix.

Whether you want to Judo-chop-it-up in Judo class, hit the trifecta in beginning triathlon, reach new heights with rock climbing, or break it down in Ballroom/Folk dancing, there is a class for you.

These classes consist of structured workouts combined with a fun activity. There is no limit on how many you can take. Some enthusiastic students take one Wellness II every semester. And, you are not required to be an expert, or overly competitive, or incredibly talented in the class you choose.

After checking out the current beginning triathlon class, it is clear that it includes all sorts of people with a wide range of athletic abilities. There are theater, business, journalism, and CCPA majors. There are guys who are so ripped it looks like their calf muscles are about to break through their skin and there are average Joes. There are pairs of friends who are enjoying a new challenge and there are hard-core competitors.

But, wait! You have not even heard the best part yet.

These classes are free! If you take between 12 and 18 academic hours, you are considered a full time student and you pay the same price. So, if you are like most students at SMU, you are taking 12 or 15 hours a semester. Wellness II classes count as one credit hour. So, for most SMU students, a Wellness II class is free.

Whether you are shedding the freshman 15, missing playing a sport, just having fun, or in it to win it, Wellness II classes are a great way to make “class” a little less stressful and not break the bank.

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