TEDxSMU BLOG: The Grand Finale

October 10, 2009  

Posted by Laura Noble and Colin Hogan

How do you explain the magnitude and power of such an experience as today’s inaugural TEDxSMU?

Jumping from inspiration to inspiration, the day wrapped up with Session 3 featuring Malawi hero William Kamkwamba and writer Bryan Mealer, Nobelity Project founder Turk Pipkin and the grand finale Polyphonic Spree, to name a few.

Kamkwamba self-educated himself to build his Malawi village a fresh water windmill out of only a few salvaged items from a junkyard.

Pipkin proved the colossal task of world peace, solving hunger and many more issues is as simple as making a personal commitment to change with his foundation The Nobelity Project that works with former Nobel Laureates.

Polyphonic Spree erupted into an energetic firework performance, getting even old men in suits to hum the chorus for a cacophonous finale.

We’re still reeling from it!

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