Big D Blog: Former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill Denied New Trial in Corruption Case

November 30, 2009  

Posted by Amanda Mervine

It looks as if former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill along with his wife, Sheila Farrington Hill, and three others will not be granted another trial in the Dallas City Hall corruption case which was decided on in early October.

Today a federal judge denied defense motions for a new trial for Hill and his counterparts who were all convicted last month on several accounts of bribery and extortion as reported by the Dallas Morning News.

The motions were filed by Hill’s defense attorney in order to obtain a new trial based on lack of evidence in the case and errors in the way the government charged the case.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn presided over the case and stated that she would consider legal arguments in regards to some money laundering counts but that would have no influence on the bribery and extortion convictions served by the jury last month.

Defense attorneys for Hill and the four others continue to argue that the government investigation into the matter was biased and failed to prove that Hill sold his vote or that the others accused actually threatened building developers for kickbacks.

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