The Dallas Museum of Art Welcomes SMU Class

March 31, 2010  

By Amanda Mervine

For the first time ever SMU students will have the opportunity to take a class at the Dallas Museum of Art next semester.

“Majesty, Memory, and Mourning in the Middle Ages” will be taught by a one-time only team of professors and will offer students not just the chance to receive credits in History but also in English or Cultural Formations based on the individual students need for specific credit hours.

The course, which will take up to 100 students, does not require any prior classes and will offer students education on the topic of not only Medieval history but religion, literature, and art history as well.

“This course has been designed by us to be general education course,” said History professor Jeremy Adams.

It will be held in conjunction with the DMA’s exhibition of the 15th-century mourners from the Dijon tomb of John the Fearless, which will begin this fall.

“This will allow students to have a more hands-on learning experience,” said Adams of teaching a course at the DMA.

Joining Adams on the team of professors will be SMU English Professor Bonnie Wheeler, University of Texas Dallas Professor Richard Brettell, as well as several other special lecturers who all have expertise in the area of medieval studies.

Students taking the course will have the opportunity to study everything from the Hundred Years War to Joan of Arc, as well as learn the works of such famous medieval poets as Geoffrey Chaucer while actually attending class inside the DMA.

Class will meet every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5:50 and transportation from SMU’s campus will be provided.

The course will be listed on Access as ENGL 3320, HIST 3332, and the CF number is currently pending.

For more information students can visit either the History or English Departments located in the basement of Dallas Hall.

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