Campus News Blog: Program Council Presents Girl Talk and Big Boi Concert 4/15

April 15, 2010  

Posted by Brooke Morin

After almost 4 months of planning, the Program Council Code Red Concert is upon us.

Program Council, the main programming board at SMU, has been working hard to appeal to the greatest number of musical tastes possible. This year’s concert features mash-up “DJ” Girl Talk and the hip-hop artist, Big Boi, of the Grammy-winning duo, Outkast.

Big Boi currently holds the top spot for best new track on Pitchfork.

This SMU dance-party will begin at 8 pm at Doak Walker Plaza (between Dedman and Ford Stadium) and will go until roughly 10 pm. It’s free for SMU students, so gather a group of friends together and head out to one of the last big events of the school year.

Last year’s Code Red Concert featured Guster and Wild Sweet Orange and was held on the Clements Lawn. Expect a bigger crowd and a bigger event than last year. That’s all I’m saying.

Brooke Morin is the Program Council Concert Chairperson.

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One Response to “Campus News Blog: Program Council Presents Girl Talk and Big Boi Concert 4/15”

  1. Danimal on April 16th, 2010 8:08 am

    So I only got half of the concert. When are we going to get the other half? Did they not think about the the noise level when they selected the location? Sort of seems like a no brainer to me. For some reason I feel that the execution of this would have been preformed much better at another school such as UT or A&M. SMU Celebrate mediocrity.