We’re Not So Picture Perfect

October 31, 2008  

Posted by Caitlin Myers

We all love having our pictures taken. We harass Flash. And we go out at night, usually designating one person to man the camera and post pictures on Facebook in the days that follow.

So, why are we, especially upperclassmen, so hesitant to get our pictures taken for the Rotunda Yearbook?

If you look at past yearbooks, the class sections are hardly representative of the entire student body. Jaimie Siegle, Rotunda editor in chief, told me the freshman section is ridiculously larger than other class sections.

“Sometimes 30 pages compared to, like, eight,” she said.

I admit I’ve never posed for my Rotunda picture. I have no legitimate excuse. Maybe laziness? I don’t really know. And I doubt many of my fellow classmates can explain their atypical camera shyness, either.

However, I didn’t realize until about 20 minutes ago that I am a senior, and this will be my last school photo ever. So sad.

Today is my final chance to change all of that, though. I have until 6 p.m. to make my way over to Hughes-Trigg and smile for the camera in that iconic cap and gown (a picture my mom would kill me for not having taken).

And for those of you in the same boat, how about you stop looking at pictures on Facebook from last night, and go get one more taken at Hughes-Trigg? Who knows, maybe this could make for a great, new default picture?

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