Former SMU Men’s Soccer Coach: Where he is Now

September 8, 2010  

By Kimmy Ryan, Brad Namdar,

FC Dallas intern Brad Namdar, an SMU journalism major, sat down with FC Dallas Major League Soccer (MLS) Head Coach Schellas Hyndman to ask him some questions.

Hyndman was the SMU men’s soccer coach from 1984-2008. Over his 24 years at SMU, he had a 368-96-38 record, earning eight League Coach of the Year Honors, five Regional Coach of the Year Honors, and many other awards.

Currently, Hyndman is the head coach of FC Dallas. The team is having a record-breaking season with only two losses thus far. FC Dallas tied the World Champions, Inter Milan, in August (final score 2-2). FC Dallas is currently one of the hottest teams in Major League Soccer, and their leader is one of our own.


Namdar: If you weren’t a coach or involved in soccer, what would you do?

Hyndman: I think I would be involved in martial arts, sense that’s where my developments been and it’s something I’m very passionate about..

Namdar: Schellas, you served an Estagio (internship) at Sau Paulo FC in Brazil. Tell us a little about your Estagio, and what advice do you have for young players/coaches that aspire to make it to the professional level?

Hyndman: I think the big thing is to continue to keep the passion. And, stay focused on what you really want in your life. When you’re given an opportunity like this “Estagio,” you have to really be able to embrace it and understand that these opportunities are not for everyone. If you want to coach at whatever level, it is important you go through the coaching education courses so at least you have the foundations and principles about coaching.

Namdar: Where do you see the future of FC Dallas Soccer?

Hyndman: I would hope the future of FC Dallas Soccer is competing for a MLS championship, and to have a stadium packed with loud and passionate fans. Also, to have the community very supportive and energized about their home-town team.

Namdar: Do you ever miss SMU? What are some of your favorite memories?

Hyndman: Everyday I think about SMU. I have so many wonderful memories of the Hilltop and will always be a Mustang. There are so many great things that come to mind when I think of SMU.

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