Sports Blog: SMU 14, UAB 7, Halftime Update

September 11, 2010  

By Chris Sacks
Posted by Kimmy Ryan

The Mustangs head into the locker room with a lot of excitement after a huge defensive goal-line stand at the end of the second quarter.

In the first quarter, SMU quarterback Kyle Padron threw 11-19 for 86 yards with a passer rating of 96. Padron rushed for 58 yards. Aldrick Robinson has four catches for 51 yards. True Freshman Daryll Fields and senior Zach Line have been splitting carries with 27 yards each. Zach Line has 2 touchdowns in the first half and 3 total on the season.

Turnovers were a big problem against Texas Tech last weekend. SMU has already fumbled the ball once inside their own 20-yard line. The fumble led to a UAB passing touchdown from quarterback David Isabelle to receiver Mike Jones.

SMU Linebacker Pete Felps is leading the team with 4 total tackles in the first half. The SMU defense has held UAB’s quarterback to just 38 rushing yards. If the Mustang defense can keep him contained, the second half should be just as successful as the first.

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