Politics blog: Joe who?

October 31, 2008  

Posted by Laura Vasquez

Is anyone else tired of Joe the Plumber? Congratulations, Joe, your ten seconds of fame has landed you a spot on Sen. John McCain’s campaign website – among many others.

The latest news on cnn.com: Joe the Plumber may try a singing career. Seriously! Who cares?
If Joe becomes a singer, he will no longer be that American everyman who works long days, misses family meals, and works towards owning the plumbing company for whom he works.

At McCain’s rally in Ohio Thursday morning, McCain gave a shout-out to Joe Wurzelbacher – assuming that he would be in the audience. No answer. Joe was a no-show. If Joe is the hard-working American plumber, why would he be at a rally and not at his job?

For those of you who don’t know Joe (but I’m sure you do), he became known when McCain introduced him to the U.S. at the final presidential debate Oct. 15. Joe became the symbol of our future tax policies. We are not all Joe’s and Jane’s of America If McCain wants more support for his presidential bid, he will have to speak to all of America, not just Joe.

“Joe, I want to help you,” McCain at the final presidential debate. No! It should be “America, I want to help you.”

And whatever happened to Sen. Barack Obama’s running mate, Sen. Joe Biden? He barely gets his foot in the news door. This is the Joe we should be curious about. This is the Joe that may be our next vice president, not our plumber.

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