Dorm Life: Cardboard boxes make cheap dorm shelving

September 30, 2010  

Posted by Elena Harding

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Last year I had a bookcase from Ikea in my room. Unfortunately, the supporting back panels broke during the move.

This semester, I decided not to bring it because I was afraid it would fall over. However, I still needed shelving and didn’t have the time or the money to go shopping for some. I decided to join in the cardboard furniture movement.

This shelving system, made up of cardboard boxes, holds everything from towels and blankets to glue and post-its. (PHOTO BY ELENA HARDING / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

The solution: The cardboard file boxes I used to move. I have 17 total, which cost about $25. The 10.25-by-24-by-15-inch dimensions are perfect for organizing toiletries, blankets and towels and office supplies. I don’t have the inclination, but you could paint the insides for a more festive look.

I also have some art supplies I brought with me with the absurd notion I might actually have time to use them. They are also on the cardboard box shelves. Without giving it much thought I put some of the heavier items on top.

A few days later, they fell. After I picked up the mess, I reorganized everything with the heavier items on the bottom. Sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes trial and error trumps foresight. Other than that, these cardboard boxes have been a sturdy and cheap alternative shelving option.

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