AUDIO: Slightly Stoopid Speaks to Us at ACL

October 10, 2010  

By Natalie Blankenship

Slightly Stoopid on the Budweiser stage at Austin City Limits 2010 (PHOTO COURTESY PHIVE PHOTOGRAPHY)

Slightly Stoopid’s Ryan Moran (stage name: RyMo,) and Oguer (OG) Ocon sat down an hour before their show at Austin City Limits Festival to speak with me about music, passion and life. Lucky for them, they are able to combine all of these things in their professions. They joked and clanked their cans of Sweet Leaf Tea together as they realized that “this is the best job there is,” as Moran put it. “We’re happy.”

Moran tallked about how happy they are and what comes with their happiness:

Originally from San Diego, California, Slightly Stoopid has traveled the world playing shows in Asia, Australia and Europe. So far, their favorite show was in Byron Bay, Australia for a blues festival. The band played a show in Dallas last spring and plan to be back again this spring.

Making up the percussion section, Moran plays the drums while Ocon switches between congas, harp, percussion and sometimes vocals. Moran grew up in San Francisco and attended San Diego State. Ocon grew up in El Paso, where he attended the University of Texas at El Paso and then moved to Cuba for two years. He then ended up in San Diego where he met the rest of the band members.

Slightly Stoopid has released nine albums and is always working on something new. Currently, they’re in the recording process.

“We’re throwing as many ideas at the wall, and whatever everyone likes, those are things that get re-recorded in a formal recording studio, and then we kind of go from there,” Moran said.

Moran described the process they go through to make new songs. Either one of them will have a bass line, or maybe even lyrics and they’ll go from there, Moran said. He said there isn’t really a rule to writing music. It’s really up to the individual.

Band members talked about how they start creating their songs and how there’s no real formula:

“It’s one of those abstract art forms where there’s not really a right or wrong,” Moran said.

When songs are planned, they will never sound how you think they will, Ocon said.

“When you have a finished product, you do it on stage, and that’s when we feed off the audience, and the energy is back and forth,” Ocon said. “And that also creates a song.”

And once the song is made, it’s not permanent.

“Songs change all the time. Once they get established, they change. Names get changed too,” Ocon said.

Ocon spoke about how his friends often tell him how he’s a rock star, but he sees it more as a job that he loves. They work hard and they have had to sacrifice a lot. They’re extremely grateful to be able to play at Austin City Limits Festival for the third time, and Ocon advises others who aren’t grateful to “get the hell out.”

Moran expressed his love for ACL and what it means to him and his band:

They don’t have one band or artist that has inspired them. Each band member has gone through different stages of music, Moran said. They enjoy Metallica, Duran Duran and even Snoop Dogg. Moran talked about how MTV was like his babysitter when he was growing up:

“We all have a pretty broad listening palette,” Moran said. “And that’s what makes it,” Ocon said.

“We’re all just music nerds at the end of the day,” Moran said.


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One Response to “AUDIO: Slightly Stoopid Speaks to Us at ACL”

  1. Thor on November 1st, 2010 6:58 pm

    Great interview! Stoopid definately stole the show at ACL. Hope they bring them back next year.