Maverick in Missouri: Day Five on the Trail

November 4, 2008  

Posted by Natalie Ingram

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Monday was a beautiful fall day here, as crowds numbered in thousands to see Gov. Sarah Palin speak at the state capitol.

I stood on the corner of Main and Missouri from 6 to 11:30 a.m. working as a “mag line” volunteer, which meant I told people to keep their phones on through security to be sure they weren’t actually disguised explosives (an important job, I know). My voice was all but gone by the time Gov. Palin made her way to the stage, but it was well worth it.

Obama supporters tried desperately to distract from her speech by obnoxiously honking their horns across the street, but Palin never faltered. She delivered just the speech she needed to, the day before the election in a swing state. As usual, she hit on the? economy and Obama’s definition of middle class, energy independence, and national security.

The highlight for me was at the end when? Palin walked by a crowd of us who luckily? snuck our way into the VIP section. She held babies, signed autographs, and shook hands with ecstatic supporters. I was within inches of the vice-presidential hopeful, but? unfortunately I was not one of the hands she grabbed. Not to worry though,? I did shake the hand of the snowmobile champion, Todd Palin himself.

It was quite an experience being so close to Palin and seeing her capibility of speaking with power, enthusiasm and conviction. She was even more? impressive in person than she is on television, and I am convinced that this is a woman who is ready to help lead our country for the next four years.

Like Palin says, “Drill, baby, drill. Mine, baby, mine. And vote, baby, vote!”

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