Arts Blog: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)- ‘Let’s do the Time Warp again?’

October 29, 2010  

Posted by Danielle Barrios

In honor of haunted festivities about to begin all weekend, and Glee for that matter, here is a film that is not so terrifying, but oh-so Halloween.

Who can honestly resist the cult classic, over-the-top parody, ‘Time Warp” dancing, perfect adaptation of the British musical stage play, The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

If you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years, The Rocky Horror Picture Show may actually sound like a horror film. Instead, however, it is a psychedelically dreamy trip into the zany lives of a crew of perfectly dramatized characters. The films two main characters, Brad and Janet, played by Barry Boswick and, yes, Susan Saradon herself, stumble upon a castle and find themselves going for a neurotic trip through ‘Transsexual Transylvania.’ The film has catchy tunes and scantily clad men and women running amok while Brad and Janet endure the wonderfully homo-erotic Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

The reason why I’m not giving too much information away is simple: if you haven’t seen it, 1) you should be ashamed of yourself and 2) this is the perfect season to change that.

Audiences have been obsessed with the film practically since its debut in 1975. And since then, midnight showings have become a phenomenon across the country. For hardcore fans and even those just a little bit curious of what this crazy tale is all about, websites like an official Rocky Horror fan site have links to finding when the next viewing is near you.

Attending a showing for the first time? Prepare for the virgin treatment. Without seeing The Rocky Horror Picture show at an official viewing, you are not only completely unaware of what the showing has in store for you but if you do choose to see a showing, your experience be a little bit different than the rest of the veterans in the audience. Trust me, going to a showing is worth the experience.

So don’t have any exciting plans this weekend?

Lakewood Theater in Dallas is showing The Rocky Horror Picture Show this Friday October 29th! The shadowcast is “Amber Does Dallas” and being only 3 miles away from campus, you have no excuse not to go. Call 214.821.7469 or go to The Lakewood Theatre’s website for more information.
Oh, and Happy Haunted Halloween!

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