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October 30, 2010  

Posted by Marissa Belske

iPad app review: GQ

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    Maybe I’m just a magazine girl, but I wouldn’t trade the real GQ magazine for its iPad app any day. I fell in love with GQ magazine by secretly stealing my boyfriend’s old copies and indulging, but somehow the application left me with a different feeling.

    That being said, I am not totally against magazine iPad apps. For example I really enjoy People Magazines iPad app, but GQ Magazine’s iPad app is subpar and very disappointing.

    To begin with, the app does not start out with an instructional video or guidelines on how to work it. Most magazine apps that I have seen prior to this usually have this to help navigate you through these sometimes very confusing apps.

    Secondly, this app does not offer anything new or special that the magazine doesn’t already have. Yes, occasionally there is a link to a website you can visit in the stories, but this is rare. There are no videos, extra pictures, or even audio clips.

    This app gets an F in my book because it doesn’t take advantage of the fact that you have the Internet in a click of the finger.

    So what does this app have that’s positive? Well I do have to say it get an A in urgency. When the new November magazine came out I got a push post on my iPad informing me it was time to get the new issue.

    Overall, I would not recommend this app quite yet. There is some serious room for improvement. It has no multimedia aspects, no interactivity, and not only that but it seems to flow a lot more awkwardly than the magazine. I would say wait for GQ to update this app before you take a go at it.

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