Tech Blog: Review of Sports Illustrated iPad App

October 30, 2010  

Posted by Kellis Cunningham

iPad app review: Sports Illustrated

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    The iPad has proven that it is one of the biggest upgrades in technology today; basically taking a computer and putting it in your hand to walk around with. Not quite a iPhone, but too small to be a lap top.

    The one thing I think iPads are going to have a problem with is relating to some of the information provided in magazines and news papers that we are used to seeing.

    I had the chance to compare the iPad application of Sports Illustrated to that of the actual magazine of Sports Illustrated. As impressive as the new product is on the iPad, it struggles to impress me enough to want to replace a magazine with an iPad.

    The first big fact is that plain and simple the iPad is not a magazine. I used to think some of the best smells and feelings was a newly printed magazine or newspaper. That feeling is taken away with this attempt at an upgrade.

    When we start to dig into the differences between the actual magazine and the iPad application, the information delivery is clearly different. The iPad just goes story to story as you scroll along trying to find what is explained in a table of contents in the magazine.

    It became actually frustrating when I did not know how much more was left in the magazine and if they actually had everything from the actuall magazine, which they didn’t.

    The attempt that they make to give readers a chance to not have to deal with a cheap piece of paper I think falls short because they have not made the best of an opportunity yet to truly perfect a magazine on a computer.

    The iPad has a great idea in allowing the use of videos and links here and there, but it falls short to the real thing in a magazine.

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