VIDEO: Gone Country — What’s The Deal With The BIG Hair?

November 11, 2010  

By Courtney O’Callaghan and Marissa O’Connor,

It’s a fact. Texas women are known for their big hair. Prior to arriving in Texas the only experience we had with the art of teasing and hair spraying was at Prom. See pictures (yikes). Even then we’re not sure we did it right, so we did some research to find that amongst articles nationwide, even Texans are curious about the origin of the look that never fell flat.

In 1992 Skip Hollandsworth of Texas Monthly explored the “Big Hair Capital of the World.” In his article “Hooray for Big Hair!,” Hollandsworth mentioned a “well-known Dallas society hairdresser” Paul Neinast. Neinast has been everywhere from New York to Paris styling hair but he is now back in his home state of Texas. We started with Neinast in our second edition of “Gone Country: What’s the deal with the Big Hair?”

Gone Country: What’s The Deal With The Big Hair? from on Vimeo.

So what’s the deal with the Big Hair? Neinast had a few theories including giving a Texas woman proportion to keeping her in touch with God. Without having much hands-on experience with big hair Neinast routed us to the real experts at Win Lee, one of the oldest beauty salons in Highland Park.

There, owner Linda Muller, who has been with the salon for the past 46 years (since she was 18!) taught us the true talent behind the Texas tease. In her time at Win Lee she has styled and sprayed Junior League socialites of the past who aspired to obtain larger-than-life looks inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy, Priscilla Presley, and Texas-native Farrah Fawcett. Linda admits it’s been a while since she’s gotten a “bee-hive” request, but for a long-term stylist in Dallas creating big hair is like riding a bicycle.

Gone Country: What’s The Deal With The Big Hair? from on Vimeo.

Big hair, hair with volume, the truth is we’ll never get away from this look. While for us teasing and primping was reserved for special occasions such as Prom, in Texas big hair has been woven through generations as an every day symbol of solidity and strength. Want to test it out yourself? Check out Texas Monthly’s step-by-step how-to.

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Gone Country — What’s The Deal With The BIG Hair?”

  1. Rachel Duke on November 16th, 2010 4:24 pm

    This was total awesomeness!!! So cool to not only hear more of the background of big “Texas” hair but to see how it’s done! Thanks, ladies!

  2. Lizzie on November 16th, 2010 7:32 pm

    Oh. My. Gosh. Y’all outdid yourselves! I hope you’re wearing that style to your next formal!

  3. kevin o'callaghan on November 20th, 2010 1:48 pm

    I have a nose hair that is .625 inches in diameter and 7.75 inches long. Now, that’s BIG HAIR~!