Bush Blog: Protesters Start to File in

November 16, 2010  

8:41 a.m.
By Mackenzie O’Hara

Standing outside the DART station off Mockingbird Lane is Linda Foley from Fort Worth. She said she’s protesting the entire Bush presidency, starting with the “purged votes” at the elections and everything else that “just got worse from there.” Foley said the protest plans have been publicized online, in peace groups, and on Facebook.

Foley hopes to see up to 5,000 protesters today. She was one of the protesters at Bush’s book signing on Nov. 9. Foley said that protesters in the past have done everything they could to urge world leaders not to go to war, but has learned “no matter what world leaders will ignore what the people want and are listening to someone else.”

On the left is Meg Hillert, the mother of two SMU alums, who opposes the institute because she’s a Methodist and doesn’t think SMU should be the home of the center because “she doesn’t think the truth will be told.” She said Bush lied about Iran having weapons of mass destruction and that the U.S. is safer due to the war. Hillert disagrees.

On the right is Rich Hancock, the moderator of the Rational Broadcast group who says the protests are “all about accountability.” Hancock says the group isn’t violent or angry but distressed because people have forgotten about all the things Bush did in his presidency. “The past is prolonged” he said, “if it happened before it will happen again.”

Protesters are using signs like these to demonstrate their distaste of the groundbreaking and the Bush presidency.

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