Tech Blog: Review of The Washington Post iPad App

November 18, 2010  

Posted by Caroline Arbaugh

iPad app review: The Washington Post

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    The iPad application for The Washington Post is not overly impressive. I found that the online news publication delivered a lot more than the application did in every area: immediacy, non-linear presentation, interactivity, and multimedia content. While the format is very user-friendly with pages laid out that are easy to flip through and separated into logical categories; the overall product is not worth the user’s time or money when compared to the online publication.

    The application is relevant, but it’s only updated daily; whereas the website is updated frequently throughout the day. One photograph may be included with a story, but many of the articles do not have any picture or video accompaniment. Additionally, links within stories only link out to other articles on the website for The Washington Post. Links within stories that provide additional paths to information or articles outside of this news organization are non-existent. When compared with the online publication, the application only contains a fraction of the stories and coverage that are present on the website. If a user is looking for more in-depth information and coverage of news events, the iPad application is not the format to go to.

    Despite its drawbacks, however, the application does have a few noteworthy things going for it. The photographs, videos, and slideshows are all excellent quality and can be found in the “Multimedia” section of the tool bar. Also, there is a “Live Topics” bar at the bottom of the application which shows which issues and articles are being discussed or tweeted the most at any given time. The user can also choose to share each story via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail, or simply save it to read later offline.

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