Tech Blog: Survive Finals with Mindless Web Games

November 18, 2010  

Posted by: Amanda Oldham

The End-of-the-Semester zombies have begun to appear across campus.

As students cram for exams, term papers, and projects, the desire for mindless entertainment rises.  With all of their mental prowess going towards studying, what students need is a simple distraction on their time off.

Facebook is the usual procrastination tool of choice. It’s free, for one, and an infinite source of information to peruse.  However, in lieu of Farmville and its recent security breaches, I propose a few other web-based browser games to kick back and relax with some mindless fun.

First off, a classic. Defend Your Castle is a game with a simple, straight-forward objective: defend your castle.  A swarm of enemies is at your doorstep and the only way to stop them is to click each invader and drop them from an unsurvivable height.  As the levels increase, you can buy more and more upgrades to help you destroy the infidels.  While not a very pleasant premise, something about the repetition can lead to many hours wasted on ‘pimping out’ an elaborate virtual fortress.

Robot Unicorn Attack is a more recent Internet sensation.  Released by Adult Swim back in February, the game took off due to its addictive gameplay and catchy use of cheesy ’80s music.  It’s a fairly simple platform game where you either push ‘z’ to jump over chasms or ‘x’ to dash through stars.  I admit to losing several hours to this game, despite a looming paper deadline, but its silliness just makes it impossible to look away.

Lastly,  Nanaca Crash falls neatly into the category of ‘random fun’ and ‘why am I playing this nonstop?’  There’s really no premise to this, but the goal is to click, hold and release the mouse button to determine the angle and velocity that a female character hits a male character with her bicycle.  Then, you try to keep this jerk in the air for as long as possible, making sure that when he hits the ground he runs into another female who’ll propel him back into space.

The best cure of being overworked is taking time for fun.  Just make sure to play responsibly.

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