Tech Blog: Review of the New York Post iPad App

November 22, 2010  

Posted by Kassi Schmitt

iPad app review: New York Post

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    I chose to review the New York Post’s new iPad app.  Both the newspaper and website have really been pushing users to subscribe to the app as it is one of the first publications to offer a digital publication of the daily newspaper. 

    For $1.99, a user can get a 30-day introductory subscription to the newspaper. An in-app purchase of $6.99 or $79.99 will get a user a subscription for a month or year, respectively.  Basically, the New York Post has done what not many other newspapers have done before- they’ve put their entire daily newspaper into an app on digital technology while still finding a way to profit off of it. But just as every newly launched program has its pros and cons, so does the New York Post app.

    Because the app pretty much just puts the daily newspaper into an iPad app format, there are no continual updates throughout the day.  The daily newspaper goes up in the morning and the stories on the app are not updated until 24 hours later when the next day’s newspaper is released. So, if a user wants continual updates on a breaking news story, the app is not the place to go. Head to the website which is great at providing updates.

    In terms on non-linear presentation, the app has a scroll bar at the bottom that allows the user to quickly move from reading a story about sports to the business section.  There is also an icon in the top left corner that allows the user to quickly choose a story and easily navigate their way through the issue.  But when it comes to linking out and other multimedia options, there were NO links and I only found about one or two photo slideshows a day…

    Interactivity and multimedia content were very minimal (huge bummer). There were very few photo slideshows and I found no videos or polls/comment sections through the app. The app said it was going to eventually allow users to share what they read through social media but I could not find that addition yet…  But one of the most unique and creative features of the app allows the user to “Make Your Own Cover.” One can choose a picture and write a headline that they think should be the cover of the iPad app and submit it to a gallery where others can view it. I thought this was the one truly unique and fun feature the app had going for it!

    Overall, this app was just like taking the newspaper and putting it in an app form while making it easy for a user to scroll through and navigate from story to story.  I think the New York Post is headed in the right direction with this app, but they need to figure out how to incorporate more multimedia and updates throughout the day to really take it to the next level.  Although the headlines are a bit more fun and creative because they don’t have to be SEO friendly, the website would be a better alternative for news updates and has a better variety of interactivity and multimedia content.

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