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November 29, 2010  

Posted by Elysse Carpenter

iPad app review: 944 Magazine

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    When you first open the 944 Magazine iPad app, as I did during Thanksgiving break, it takes you directly to the “Top 9: A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Survival Tips,” consisting of nine different blog-style items with pictures to entertain you during the Thanksgiving holiday. Linking to other news sites such as The Onion, Wikipedia and the Apple store, this “Top 9” page also focuses on other newsworthy events that are happening besides the Thanksgiving holiday, like the Thanksgiving Day football game halftime show with Bret Michaels.

    However, like any magazine publication, daily newsworthy news is not so much a priority as it is in daily newspaper publications. In the 944 app, the “Top 9” is their internet way to be more up-to-date on what’s happening. If you want to tell your friends about it, you have the option to email, post to Facebook or Tweet this from the iPad app.
    Looking below the text and above the menu button on the iPad, there are also other options to choose from besides looking at the “Top 9.” The 944 flipbook is also an option, where viewers can view the magazine on their iPads in its full content, choosing from the 10 different markets: Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orange County, Phoenix, San Diego or San Francisco. This option is also available on their website, as are all of the features on the iPad app.

    In addition to the “Top 9” and “944 Flipbook,” there is a third option, entitled, “Get Yours,” where the app uses your current location to find where the nearest location is for you to get your free copy of 944. Again, this feature is also available on their website.

    Overall, this app is great and I especially like the witty and interesting blog-style of the “Top 9” that is different each week according to world events. I have to disclose that I write for 944, but what drew me to the magazine was the light-heartedness about it that gives information to readers in a unique way and is distinguished from most magazines this way. While other magazines focus just on news or fashion and style, 944 combines all of these elements in their print magazine and application versions to make their magazine and app user-friendly, humorous and easily readable.

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