Global News Blog: A Kool Way to Spend Your Summer

November 30, 2010  

Posted by Elyse Murphy

Want to enjoy summer school with some truly wild animals? Well then SMU’s newest study aboard program in South Africa is for you. But be careful when eating your lunch out on campus – a monkey might come up and steal your sandwich!

SMU-in-South Africa is a five-week program that takes place at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban. Students will take courses that focus on South Africa and bring to life the history and cultures of one of the most dynamic countries in Africa and today’s world. Program director Barbara Hill Moore says that this program is for “anyone interested in a country different than his or her own.”

A unique aspect of this program is that SMU students will get to study alongside other students from Durban and Cape Town. Also there are several excursions that allow students to become immersed in the South African culture. For example, SMU students will visit important historical sites including: the homeland of the Zulu Kingdom in Kwa-Zulu whose most famous ruler, Shaka, was not only an important historical figure but who was an extraordinary inspirational figure for the nationalist movement in South Africa; the Indian community in Durban, which serves as a touchstone for the study of early British colonization in Natal in the 19th century; and Robben Island in Cape Town, where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for more than two decades.

Students will be able to complete up to six hours of course work. Classes include: CF 3349 The African Diaspora, Literature and Culture of Black Liberation; CCPA 2310 Rhetoric, Community, and Public Deliberation; CCPA 3342 Ethnicity, Culture, and Gender: Critical Studies in Communication; and PERB 5310 Music Theatre Workshop: West Side Story. The application cycle takes place from January 15 to March 1st. All interested students should visit or contact Professor Hill Moore at

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