Global News Blog: Facebook in Spain

November 30, 2010  

Posted By Elizabeth Langdon

Facebook. Everyone and their mom has a Facebook account now (trust me I know, my mom has one). More than 500 million people have an active Facebook account. These people are all over the world, actually about 70% are outside of the United States.

Facebook has become so popular overseas that there have been countless Facebook-type social networks created in foreign countries. Spain has created Tuenti. They even went as far as to make the color scheme blue too.

Most recently, Tuenti has created a program similar to the U.S.’s FourSquare, a tool that enables users to “check in” in different locations and notify their friends. Tuenti has created “Tuenti Places,” which allows users to associate themselves with the pages of businesses they like. The program is still in the beta stages, but Tuenti users have already shared more than 3,200 pages.

People spend more than 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook, Tuenti isn’t quite at that status yet, but it’s definitely gaining strength in Spain. With the way the world is linked together, its not surprising that something so popular in the United States would be duplicated in other countries.

For more information about Tuenti’s new beta program, visit: Tuenti Places

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