Global News Blog: Twitter in Venezuela

December 1, 2010  

Posted By Stuart Fisher

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media sites in the world right now, and even with severe censorship, Venezuela has been taken over by the social media site.

Unlike what most Americans are used too, Venezuela severely restricts and censors any media in the country. President Hugo Chávez even wanted to censor social media sites and internet; however, surprisingly, Chávez joined Twitter in April 2010.

Chávez represents the most followed person in Venezuela with 250,000 followers. BBC News reports that around 18% of his messages are hostile, and he employs over 200 people to read and follow up on his twitter. Many criticize his time spent on the social media site instead of tending to the immediate needs of Venezuela

Luckily, college students do not have people policing time spent on Twitter, or we would all be in trouble.

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