Global News Blog: Controversy in Japan over Early Childhood Institutions

December 1, 2010  

Posted by Adele Le Gardeur

One of the most controversial issues in Japan today is its education system in the areas of early childhood institutions, such as day cares. Some of the problems include the gap in the time from these earlier programs to primary schools, and ambiguity toward the purpose of these earlier education institutions.

There is also a lack of professionally trained and qualified teachers. Another issue arose from a translation error. This deals with “gifted children” and regular children. They are teaching them with different methods and thus giving them different information.

In order to implement a change, I would go about making all children equal. I feel like given the history of Japan it will not be easy to change but not impossible. Japan has one of the best education systems in the world and in part they may say this is a result of their competition to get into the top schools. However, Japan also believes in the importance of the group and not the individual. It would be best for them to educate the whole group instead of focusing on certain individuals.

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