Tech Blog: Review of BBC News iPad App

December 5, 2010  

Posted by Taylor Adams

iPad app review: BBC News

  • Immediacy/Urgency:
  • Non-linear news presentation:
  • Multimedia:
  • Interactivity:
    BBC News on the iPad, similar to other news media that have chosen to go to the tablet, presents the user with an aesthetically pleasing opportunity to peruse the day’s news.

    On the left are the stories available for choosing: they’re presented as photos with headlines underneath. Three pictures by four, and you can scroll down for more. When you tap a story, then photos, copy and/or video. It seems that every story has to have a visual for this medium, which I find pleasant as a user, but can imagine that it’s not the easiest thing to do as a reporter.

    Similar to other media that transition to platforms such as an iPad application or simply the Internet, the non-linear approach for the user is an extreme advantage. The user doesn’t have to sit and watch the agenda BBC has planned, but can choose which stories he wants and in what order he chooses.

    The multimedia level is taken up a notch in the iPad version, as all of it is in one place, and a simple tap away. The user still has the capability to partake in comments, polls, etc. The immediacy of the BBC iPad application is appropriate, as the side stories are updated as new stories come in.

    While I appreciate the content of BBC news, it’s typically not my first source for the day’s news. But on the iPad, it could be. Compared to some others, like the Boston Globe, it’s still not the top source for me.

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