VIDEO: Gone Country — What’s the Deal With the BIG Guns?

December 7, 2010  

By Marissa O’Connor & Courtney O’Callaghan &

The big state fair, the big Texas hair, next on our list: the big guns. As of August 2010, 38 out of the 50 states are considered “shall-issue” states, meaning concealed carry permits are issued to all qualified applicants. So, amongst multiple states with the same legislation why does it appear like most things, to be bigger in Texas?

Turns out, Texas has the largest percentage of the country’s gun owners.

This comes as no surprise to us. Since arriving in the Lonestar state we’ve found it’s not uncommon for our friends to own guns nor does it seem unusual to see a “No guns allowed behind this point” sign on the restroom door of a local Chipotle.

Curious about the craze behind guns and the hobby of shooting, we decided to give it a try ourselves.

We took word from some locals and traveled to Elm Fork Shooting Range.

Gone Country: The Big Guns from on Vimeo.

Good point Jeanie. A gun is just a piece of equipment. In our hometowns up North, a gun is a weapon. Down here in Texas, like a bat is a piece of equipment for baseball, a gun is a piece of equipment used for the sport of shooting. Shooting is a popular sport and tradition in Texas culture and as it turns out, it’s not just a sport for men.

Jeanie Almond was the first woman in history to win the Western Trap Shooting Championship and also trained with the USA Olympic pistol team. In addition, Almond trained her son, Scott Robertson, to be a Shotgun National Champion. With that impressive resume we decided to give shooting a try, why not learn from the best?

Gone Country: Shooting the Big Guns from on Vimeo.

Not your typical girls day, but definitely one of the most thrilling. After one
afternoon on the range we understand why shooting is such a popular part of Texas culture – it’s the perfect way to spend time with friends and family in the great outdoors.

Song Credits: “Song Of The South” Alabama
“Man! I feel like a woman!” Shania Twain

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