Big D Blog: Arts Co-op opens in Deep Ellum

December 11, 2010  

Posted By Jackson Butt

I met Milo Muniz when he joined Ugly Lion, a local reggae act that I run live sound for.  Since we were both percussionists, we talked some shop about congas and tuning, and I found out that Milo is a free-lance photographer.  He was talking about moving out of Lakewood and getting a place that he could work out of, as well as practice drums without bothering the neighbors. Ugly Lion went on tour, so I wasn’t needed for sound and I didn’t know if he had moved.

He was just looking for a place to live and work with his girlfriend, Letty Gallegos, but he ended up taking on a larger project: the opening of an arts co-op.

Milo Muniz opened the Canton Street Co-op in Deep Ellum five months ago as a way to give emerging artists a place to show their work, whatever that work may be.  Here is an audio slide show of Milo at the Canton Street Co-op.

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