Tech Blog: Fox 4 News iPad App Review

December 10, 2010  

Posted By Jackson Butt

iPad Review: Fox 4 News

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    Most of the big names in news have put out apps for the iPhone, but now local news makers are producing their own.  The Fox 4 News iPad app promises to keep the user up to date on Dallas/Ft. Worth news with features, video, weather, and images.

    The welcome screen bears the Fox 4 News logo and leads to the home screen, which shows the top news stories of the day in a list with a thumbnail and headline.  Each headline leads to the full story which is usually accompanied by a picture, and sometimes by video.  The menu on the bottom of the screen has links to other pages in the app, such as video, My Report, and weather.  More options for pages include sections like traffic, weird news, local news, and feature stories.

    The layout is simple, with few frills.  This makes it easy to navigate, but visually boring.  Some of the print stories have a video or a link, but most just have the story and picture.  This makes it somewhat awkward to browse stories because after reading a story, the user has to return to a stories page rather than continue browsing the site for related articles.

    The app is updated daily with the top stories from Fox 4 News, but the app has less content than the website.  The app is essentially a stripped-down version of the website that makes it easy to access top stories, video clips, and weather news.  It lacks non-linear presentation of news.  There is a “My Report” feature that allows users to send in their own stories, pictures and video.  Stories can be shared with friends, but commenting on a story has to be done from the website.

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