Meadow’s Production of “The Striker” Is Definitely Different

April 14, 2011  

By Caroline Foster

This week Meadows Theatre is putting on Caryl Churchill’s unique play, “The Striker.” Churchill is a British playwright who started in the business over 50 years ago. Her plays shed light on an issue in society without being overtly politically. “The Striker” falls into this category as it addresses the question about the place of disabled people in the general public.

“The Skriker” is about a devilish character who is interested in two young females, Lily and Josie, to bring to the dark side. During the play this character speaks a made-up language, but if you pay close attention to detail and her emotion you can still understand the story she tells.

The Skriker transforms into many characters, from an elderly lady to a toddler in order to trick the young girls into believing she is someone different. The complex story is brimmed full with symbolism as well as vivid imagery.

If you don’t pay close attention to the out of the ordinary story line you may get lost in the unique visual aspects of the production. From the images projected on the floor and stage, to the somewhat scary costumes the play is a visual amusement. The scenery as well as the story are both dark. The lights and the music add to the gloomy feeling of the play.

Although some scenes are just plain bizarre, the acting is well done. The acting a well as the visual aspects of the play makes it mysterious and attention grabbing.

“The Striker” will be in the Margo Jones Theatre in the Owen Arts Center from Wednesday to Sunday. For details and ticket prices call 214.768.2787.

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