Opinion Blog: Balancing Life and Facebook

April 27, 2011  

Posted by Erica Penunuri

We can start out on a friend’s page on Facebook and thirty clicks or so later we are creeping on someone who we have no connection with.

Wow, has this world shrunk.

Well, I suppose they were a friend-of a friend-of a friend, which is how you got there in the first place – BUT that is beside the point. You don’t actually know the individual, but here you are creeping on their profile pics, judging their poses, and invading on their “wall to wall” conversations. You have practically just met a complete stranger.

Excuse the pun, but this is taking “judging a book by its cover” to an entirely new level and is something we need to be aware of.

I shamefully admit, while I have my fair share of silly, dorky pictures, my Facebook page is mainly decorated with me at my best (and when I say best I mean,”glammed-up-ready-for-a-night-out-on-the-town”, best). This is the standard for most…well that or I am just an extremely self-absorbed person (which is also quite possible).

My point being is; how far does Facebook lead us from the real person?

LETS REMEMBER: These are pictures carefully chosen to represent an individual, followed by conversations or “wall to wall” posts carefully thought out with a motive, completely aware that there’s an audience at hand.

People want to sound witty, funny, unique, loud, and bottom line, “cool” – whatever lies in that definition for you.

Has this altered the way we communicate with others; in the sense we are losing tangible contact with people?

This concern don’t apply for merely facebook but the entire tech-world:

Don’t wanna meet face-to-face? Text.

Too afraid to inform your boss your going to be late? E-mail.

Forgot to send a birthday card to someone? Write on their wall.

Although these rapid methods are lifesavers at certain points in time, the more we rely on the “send” button, the more we can rely on an “end” to character, personality, and other things that are only attainable by the human touch.

The key is balance. Don’t feel like spending 5 minutes on the phone just to figure out where you want to meet? Text. Called someone and they didn’t pick up? By all means, text. Please don’t leave a voicemail saying, “Hey, call me back when you get this, bye,” (Really?)

However, when it comes to important events, like birthdays, there is much more value in an actual birthday card, rather than making yourself the-1-out-of-50-friends who post on your good friend’s wall.

Simple interaction with people is healthy and rewarding. Texting does not capture facial expressions, and e-mails do not send hand shakes.

So remember: In this fast paced society where everything can be done at a touch of a button, lets slow it down a bit to appreciate the simple touch of a person.

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