Opinion Blog: Killer “Bath Salts”

April 29, 2011  

Posted by Mackenzie O’Hara

Until recently, I would describe bath salts as harmless – simply a product I’d use if I were taking a bath. However, I have been shocked to learn that a very dangerous designer drug is going by this innocuous name.

Sold under names such as Ivory Wave, Aura, and White Lightening, the powder contains an amphetamine with effects similar to cocaine or methamphetamines. Symptoms of the under the radar drug include delusion, paranoia, and increased heart rate.

It isn’t the drug going by only well known over the counter name people are using. “Potpourri” or K2, made headlines all over the country last year because people were smoking it like marijuana. However, “bath salts” seem to be the most fatal, and reports of the drug have increased in recent years.

According to a CBS news article, the first reported cases involving the use of “bath salts” to Poison Control Centers occurred in 2010 with 236 cases. So far, there have been 248 cases in 2011.

While the concept of snorting anything let alone “bath salts” is baffling to me, I think the accessibility of such a dangerous substance is something that needs to be addressed. The DEA has recently labeled it as “a drug of concern” but that’s not enough.

After learning about the dangers of its consumption, I don’t understand how it is available in stores or sold online. One website is currently selling a Limited Edition Charley Sheene bath powder, advertising it as a blend of 500mg of a white flour-like substance that gives you a “great feeling and lack of hangover [earning] it two big thumbs up.”

It is unfortunate that people choose use the names of household items to disguise illegal drug sales but steps need to be taken to take the substance off the shelves, in order to save lives.

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2 Responses to “Opinion Blog: Killer “Bath Salts””

  1. seth on April 29th, 2011 10:50 pm

    These synthetic drugs are even worse for you than the real thing,. With that being said, they are not the problem, they are the result of and proof that prohibition is not working. There is such a high demand for illegal narcotics science has found a way to mimic the drugs people want without the penalty of job loss or jail time. If people want something bad enough they are going to find a way to get it. Legalization, education, and regulation is the only way to go. People want these synthetics mainly because they want to do the real drugs but do not want to risk losing their job or an arrest. These synthetics do not come up on a drug test, now you can get the effect they desire and wont lose their jobs. The bad thing is most consumers will just take for granted it is safe since it is sold in a store. These synthetics are not regulated by the fda because they are labeled as household products and a ” not for human consumption sticker” so there is no list of ingredients. People do not even know what substance they are taking let alone the amount. If narcotics were legalized it would have to pass the strict guidelines of the FDA people would know what they are buying is real and they are ingesting an amount that is safe for human consumption. I believe that the Legalization and regulation of all drugs is the only way to go. People are going to find a way to get their desired effect weather it is legal or not, It has been proven over and over again, lets make sure we are giving them a product that has been tested and proven not to be toxic . I’m not really sure how this is going to come out i am tired and i do not have the energy to proof read and edit I think i got the point across tho, it might be a bit jumbled and rambling so I apologize.

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