From L.A. to NYC: Actor/Singer/Dancer JC Schuster is Enjoying the Journey

October 31, 2011  


By Liz Collinsworth

JC Schuster/

His agenda was simple and humble: string the guitar, Skype with friends, watch football and drink a cold beer. And clean the guns. Although his time in his hometown had taken an unexpected turn resulting in an extended stay, JC was not fazed. He managed to remain calm and collected in what turned out to be an unpredictably difficult visit home before moving his life and career from Los Angeles to New York City.

If the guns don’t give it away, JC Schuster is the epitome of a true Texan. JC’s edgy Ryan Gossling-like exterior can’t conceal the country boy inside. At 5’11”, JC’s scrawny build and chin-length ashy blond locks may appear to contradict his true love of barbeque and beer, but at heart JC is the typical, 25-year-old, football and NASCAR loving American. He isn’t afraid to get down and dirty and he jumps at any opportunity to wear a cowboy hat and boots. You will rarely find him without his guitar and tap shoes close by and his drive and determination make him a contender in any competition…not only that but his competitive nature typically produces an outcome in his favor. He loves to hunt and, most of all, he loves Southern Belles. Currently unattached, JC is finally convinced he is ready to settle down, but struggles to find someone who isn’t intimidated by his day-to-day schedule.

JC’s resume is filled with familiar names. From Old Navy to Glee to JC Penney and Hard Rock Café, JC has debuted on screen, in print and on stage performing at least one of his triple-threat talents. Whether dancing, acting or singing his way through Hollywood, JC is making his mark in the entertainment industry.

A Family Affair

Around the corner from the intersection of Plano Parkway and Winding Hollow Lane in Plano, Texas, lies the Schuster residence on Mustang Trail. JC grew up here. He established a dream here that launched his career in the performing arts.

JC’s parents have always provided a backbone of stability and support for JC and his career goals. “He has passion,” said JC’s mother, Cindy Schuster, who was inspired to establish an artist development and management company following JC’s success in and devotion to his art and talent. “It has been a blessing to have the ability to work alongside my son and get to watch him succeed…most parents don’t get a front-row-seat like that.” Cindy currently works for her church, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, where she controls music levels during services, and operates her company, Stormyshoo Productions. Cindy’s success in representing and managing JC resulted in her acquiring more artists and landed JC’s band, ClearCut, an EP debut on MTV’s Laguna Beach with their song, Life of the Party.

At the age of six, JC began his dance training at Plano Academy of Dance, focusing mostly on ballet, tap and jazz while modeling and acting through the Kim Dawson talent agency. At 12, JC made a significant transition to Dance Industry Performing Arts Center, a dance studio, where he not only established a name for himself in the Dallas dance world, but he began dancing professionally, touring internationally with Tap Kids. JC’s love of the stage and strong family support system encouraged him to broaden his horizons and strive to become a triple-threat in the entertainment world. He began vocal lessons with The Septien Group, a vocal training and image management studio in Addison, Texas where Jessica Simpson began, started a band incorporating tap sounds in his music, began acting and auditioning and set a goal “to become famous.” At 22, JC moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career and while he misses his hometown and the southern hospitality of Texas, he admits he “couldn’t have made a better decision for his career.”

Dreams do come True

After only a month of living in L.A. he was picked up by one of Los Angeles’s premier talent agencies, BLOC. His new representation led him to land multiple prestigious gigs, from television and movie appearances to choreography jobs and master classes. His aspirations had finally become a reality, but he remains modest, humble and thankful for the opportunities that have come his way. Appearing on the latest season of Glee, JC even refrained from bragging to his friends. Instead, he simply recalls mentioning “a little bird told [him] to keep an eye out on tonight’s episode” rather than spilling the news to anyone and everyone. JC admits that at times his chaotic schedule gets the best of him. “Life gets easier every day yet more stressful,” he says, but he tries to visit home on a monthly basis to keep his heart and mind on track.

After combing back his ashy blond locks with his fingers, and scratching at his ungroomed facial scruff, JC pulled his eyes away from the reason for his visit…his brand new baby nephew. JC’s only sibling, Haley Foster, had given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Caden Foster on September 19, and her little brother would not have missed it for the world. Born with complications, baby Caden spent days and nights in the NICU and his mother, JC’s sister, remained hospitalized due to high fever and excessive nausea post giving birth. Haley was finally released from the hospital nine days later and is grateful that her brother decided to extend his stay.

Relieved to have finally completed the task he came home to do, JC is now preparing to finish up some choreography for a local studio while in town, and then head back to pack up his life in California and move it to the city of his dreams. Mike Manning, JC’s current roommate and fellow member of his band ClearCut, is also moving to New York, where they will remain roommates. “It’s been a crazy transition but I think New York promises good things to come,” said Manning, 24-year-old guitarist. JC is about to embark upon his next adventure of commercial and cameo filming and potential Broadway performances.

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