Arts Beat: Lyle Ashton Harris Lecture

November 23, 2008  

Posted by Brenna Rushing

On Thursday night, Lyle Ashton Harris spoke about his controversial artwork at the Meadows Museum. He’s made collages, photographs, and paintings that portray everything from his family, heritage, and sexuality.?

One of my favorites was his first gallery installment entitled “The Good Life.” It’s comprised of portraits of his family from the present day, and old pictures of when they were younger. Even though they were just photos, they showed the lifespan of his mom and aunt and how their family is tied together.?

In his collages, he uses many controversial topics including racism, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the idea of boxing being a degrading sport. He has been shown in many countries including Italy, Rome and NY.?

I liked his presentation, but he seemed to move a little fast when describing his inspirations and techniques. He did a very thorough job of showing his career from beginning to present, but he seemed to speed over the important part of how he created them.?

At the same time, because he did that I want to go look him up and learn more on my own time. So maybe he did it on purpose…

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