No Free Massage, But Coffee Will Do…

December 7, 2008  

Posted by Donnie Wyar

Last week, I blogged about the Health Center offering free massages to students who were stressed about finals, and was disappointed that the Health Center was misleading in its description of the event. There were no free massages; students instead received a lecture – the very thing that had them attending the event advertising “free massages” in the first place.

This week, in continuing the Daily Mustang’s efforts to make students aware of campus events during finals, I have confirmed with a representative from Fondren Library that it will be offering free coffee and hot chocolate in the basement student lounge for students studying for finals Monday, Dec. 8 to Friday, Dec. 12.

Cindy Gautreaux, spokeswoman for SMU’s Central University Libraries, verified the library’s plans: “We plan to start serving coffee and hot chocolate at 2 p.m. each day and continue until midnight. After 10 p.m., we really don’t have the staff to keep it running for much longer, but we’ll do our best.”

This is the second time the library is offering refreshments to students. During finals in the Spring 2008 semester, the library also provided free coffee and soft drinks.

“It was very well received and we are excited about offering it again,” Gautreaux said.

To get to the basement student lounge from the main lobby, walk through the double doors leading to Government Information and Information Commons. You can either take the stairway down one level or take the elevator in Information Commons to the basement.

Gatreaux also issued a reminder for students to utilize the library’s “Ask a Librarian” service. Ask A Librarian Chat is available Monday to Thursday from noon until 10 p.m., excluding university holidays. After entering your name and e-mail address and clicking “Open Chat Session,” a chat window will open and you will be online with a SMU reference librarian.

So grab a cup of free coffee, cozy up with the textbooks with which you’ve become so familiar over the past few months, and finish the semester on a strong – and caffeinated – note, courtesy of Fondren Library.

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