Video: Inauguration Day Insanity

January 21, 2009  

The Daily Mustang’s Jia Thomas was among thousands of ticket holders who were turned away from Tuesday’s overbooked inaugural ceremonies. In this video footage, a frustrated crowd chants, “Let us in!” Jia also reflects on her Inauguration Day experience in a blog post.

Posted by Jia Thomas, 12:00 a.m.

Today I braved the elements and the people. I was sending updates back at one point but had to stop. It became too insane. Tonight I am taking the time to finish the story of my? inaugural? adventure.

The people were getting rowdy and restless as the time ticked away. As time ticked closer to the ceremony, people became even more frustrated. Many streets were closed down to the pedestrians. At many points the crowd was gridlocked. I had tickets in the blue standing section but I did not make it there. I along with a fellow student got to the gate but we were turned away. We found out that people who did not have tickets for the blue standing area were let in, filling the section. Those of us with tickets who were not there at 6 a.m. or earlier were literally and? figuratively? left out in the cold.

Once that information made its way through the crowd, people started to become angry. My friend and I made a? mad dash away from the area. We were afraid the situation could turn dangerous. We then made our way to a restaurant and tried to catch the very beginning of the ceremony.? Unfortunately, about 100 other people had the same idea. We decided to head to an open street one block up from the restaurant and catch a cab back to our hotel.

We made it back in the nick of time to see Barack Obama take the oath of office and give his inaugural speech. Although I was disappointed that I could not get into the ticketed seats, it did not sour the day for me. Today was a historic day. The United States of America swore in its first African- American President. That is something to be proud of. I know my own grandmother never thought she would live to see a day like this. We should also be proud we have the most peaceful transition of power in the world. The entire event was no less electricfying on television than in person.

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