So “The Overwhelming” is opening Wednesday night…

September 23, 2008  

Posted by Christy Vutam

I was hoping to watch the dress rehearsal for “The Overwhelming” tonight, but I wasn’t able to get to the Margo Jones’ theatre on time. I did pop in during intermission to chat with my former professor, Charley Helfert, and he said audiences should come into the play cold. I was taken aback – he usually emphasizes knowing the background on plays so you don’t get lost. But, according to him, the play’s kind of about making sense of what happened in Rwanda in 1994. If you know what happened in Rwanda, he said, you’re going to lose out on the intended experience.

Well, then, I guess it was a good thing I didn’t watch that Oscar-nominated movie, “Hotel Rwanda” with Don Cheadle and that I’m like a lot of Americans: ignorant on history and foreign affairs.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about “The Overwhelming” from various people, and I look forward to catching the opening Wednesday at 8 p.m. The play runs through Sunday in the Margo Jones’ theatre.

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