Arts Beat: Crooked Tree Coffeehouse is Haven for Indie Kids and Mainstream Coffee Lovers Alike

February 28, 2009  

“Johnny Citizen” performing at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse Feb. 21 with local art showcased behind him.

Posted by Rachael Morgan

Sure, at Starbucks you can get a “The Way I See It” paragraph on the back of your cup. Maybe you’ll see someone you know as they run in and then out. You could even buy a stuffed plush… even if you can’t figure out how it possibly connects to a coffee store. But can you drink your coffee in an actual mug while looking at art from local artists and listening to live music?

My guess is no. That’s exactly what you can do at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse.

The coffeehouse features local art that is periodically changed, and on Friday and Saturday nights after eight it hosts live musical acts. You could claim a table and study, claim a couch with friends and play Uno or Trivial Pursuit (just a couple of games provided by the coffeeshop), or take a chance with the coffeeshop’s collection of books. Did I mention there is free WiFi?

Crooked Tree is an actual house with three rooms opened up to each other and estate sale decor. It serves a variety of coffee and non-coffee drinks as well as ice cream and vegan pastries. It’s located at 2414 Routh St, just a turn off from the cosmopolitan streets of Uptown.

Crooked Tree might actually be Dallas’ worst kept secret, with rave reviews from D Magazine and Dallas Daily Candy, and 30% off coupons in the SMU coupon book, but it still has the indie, non-mainstream vibe that makes you think you stumbled upon the EP of an unknown band with a small but loyal following.

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