Construction Closes SMU Boulevard

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By Daily Mustang Staff

Construction relating to the George W. Bush Presidential Library is closing SMU Boulevard for six months, according to Gary Shultz , SMU’s director of web communications.

All traffic on SMU Boulevard from Dublin Street to the southbound access road of North Central Expressway will be closed from Jan 3. through the summer.

“Cars can use University Boulevard or they can go on Mockingbird Lane [as detours],” Shultz said.

Side walks on both sides of the street will also be closed but students will be able to use a sidewalk connection from the intersection of North Central Expressway and SMU Boulevard to Dyer Street, to and from the east side of campus.

“The map of the sidewalk will be sent out later this week or after Christmas,” said Shultz. “It will run from the closed intersection.”

Mustang Express will also be rerouted for the the closing. A temporary stop will be placed at University Boulevard and Airline Road.

VIDEO: Woman Hit by Moving Vehicle on SMU Campus

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By Chandler Schlegel and Andy Garcia,

SMU student hit by moving vehicle on University and Airline from on Vimeo.


Video Posted by Sarah Bray

A woman was hit on Airline Road Monday night at around 6:15 p.m. in front of the SMU Catholic Center. University Park Police closed off the street for two hours after the accident.

According to Kent Best, Executive Director of News and Communications for SMU, both the girl hit and the driver were SMU students.

Adrienne Yim, a student employee of the Neuhoff Catholic Center on the corner of Airline Road and University Boulevard, saw the aftermath of the incident.

“There was a girl lying on the ground with her face facing towards the Commuter lot,” Yim said. “She was just sort of crumpled on the ground.”

Yim explained that the woman was conscious. More cars started to gather around the scene and people were visibly upset.

According to other witnesses, emergency services arrived at the scene immediately after the incident and were able to help the woman into an ambulance that took her to an area hospital.

University Park Police Captain Craig Spradlin said both the victim and the driver are at fault.

“She crossed the road in a none crosswalk and the other party was not paying attention,” Spradlin said.

Traffic investigations officer A.R. Rosales said there is no evidence that the driver was speeding and it is not clear yet whether or not she was on the phone at the time of the accident.

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Plans for Residential Halls Call For Expansion at SMU

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By Chandler Schlegel

Demolition has begun on Mockingbird Lane in order to build new SMU facilities. A hole sits in front of where 7/11 once stood. (PHOTO BY AIDA AHMED / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Big expansion plans are in progress on the SMU campus. SMU officials have been reworking concepts that revolved around building more residence halls for students.

Originally, Mrs. Baird’s bakery was to be torn down and residence facilities would be built in its place, but residents of Highland Park were concerned with this idea because a pedestrian was recently hit while crossing the street.

SMU faced even more trouble in the construction of the project because they had to tear down 7-Eleven, which had contaminated water on the building site.

The new plans involve building resident halls north of Mockingbird Lane across from Park Cities Plaza. The university turned in a request for qualifications in January. The residential student housing complex will hold approximately 1,200 beds and up to 2,000 parking spaces in both underground and above ground lots. The new complex is being built to supplement the housing capacity and accommodate the new sophomore live on-campus requirement for the future.

SMU Officials also wanted to build indoor and outdoor tennis courts from Airline Road to Central Expressway. Currently there is no funding to follow through with the tennis court concept.

The new Annette Caldwell Simmons building for the School of Education and Human Development will also be dedicated later this month. The building, which is open for classes, will be dedicated on Sep. 24 at 10 p.m.

The Park Cities Plaza, which sits across from the Mrs. Baird's Bakery, will be untouched in the reconstruction. (PHOTO BY AIDA AHMED / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

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For a list of all future construction ideas at SMU, you can check the project updates.

Traffic Flow to Change This Week

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by Kathryn Sharkey

In case you missed the e-mail that was sent during spring break, the roads around Fondren Library will be changing.

Starting Wednesday, Hilltop Lane, the street between Fondren Library and Dallas Hall, and McFarlin Boulevard, the street between Fondren Library and Hughes-Trigg, are changing directions so that the traffic flow will go towards Airline Road, instead of away from it. The section of University Boulevard, the street between Hyer Hall and the Dedman Life Sciences building, will be closed temporarily. The section of Fondren Drive, the street by the new fountain in front of the Dedman Life Sciences building and the new education building under construction, will be permanently closed to traffic.

The changes don’t stop there. Starting in August, the traffic flow of McFarlin Boulevard and Hilltop Lane will change back so that the traffic will go away from Airline Road. University Boulevard will reopen and connect to Airline Road with traffic flowing towards Airline. Check out the SMU map and this Google map to help you see the changes.