Campus News Blog: Are Our Boots Well Balanced?

October 29, 2010 by · Comments Off 

Posted by Petya Kertikova

As autumn approaches, women are going crazy buying boots and booties. The designer stores at the malls are full with shoes in general, which can satisfy even the most caprice lady, but are they well balanced, fashionable enough, but most importantly, are they comfortable?

In order for our boots to be well balanced, we need to look for some very important criteria when we are purchasing those babies we all are walking in.

First of all, the heel should be made of wood. Now, some ladies might argue over this crucial fact because of the broad understanding that a wood heel might injure our feet, but we can’t forget that what matters is what the inside of the boot is made of.

Also, the material used for making a certain shoe can make the feeling of wearing it very different. Leather is the perfect example.

Now, all you need to do is go to the mall and buy your new favorite boots. And don’t forget to look for those two important qualities.

Have fun!