The Daily Update: Tuesday, April 19

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A 23-year-old exchange student is dead after being attacked in her dorm room. Her boyfriend witnessed it all via webcam. Wildfires continue to spread across Texas, and religious leaders are furious over Lady Gaga’s new single. All this and more on your Daily Update.

The Daily Update: Thursday, April 7

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The government might shut down tomorrow, leaving 800,000 people without a job. Dish Network’s agreement to buy Blockbuster could keep the company alive, and an april fools joke in Maryland left a man glued to a toilet seat in Walmart. All this and more on today’s Daily Update.

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The Daily Update: Tuesday, March 29

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President Obama explains why he feels U.S. involvement in Libya is necessary. At least 120 people are dead after an ammunition factory exploded in Yemen, and religious leaders in Washington are going on a hunger strike. Here on the hilltop, candidates for SMU Student Senate will debate tonight at five p.m. All this and more on today’s Daily Update.

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The Daily Update: Thursday, March 24

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The disaster in Japan is already having an affect on car factories in the U.S., one of Hollywood’s most legendary stars is dead and the Mustangs take on the Santa Clara Broncos Friday as SMU hosts the Final Four this weekend. All this and more on today’s Daily Update.

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‘Boulevarding’: SMU’s One-Of-A-Kind Tradition

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By Bethany Suba

Peter McLean attended his last boulevard as a student at SMU Saturday afternoon.

“When I woke up… I just had a feeling that it was going to be a great day and I had to do it big,” McLean said.

McLean, a senior at SMU, has been participating in the university’s fall tradition of “boulevarding” since his freshman year. He said, “Game days on the boulevard are a unique experience, that I haven’t found any other tailgating scene to compare to.”

SMU’s tradition of “boulevarding” has been a part of the university’s campus for the past 10 years. It began in 2000 when the Gerald J. Ford Stadium opened for the Mustang’s new football season.

President R. Gerald Turner came to the university in 1995 from the University of Mississippi and wanted to build off the concept of tailgating that Mississippi has.

“Its origins really are from Ole Miss but that’s fine- all of the unique aspects of it have truly made it SMU’s,” Turner said in an interview for SMUVideo.

Turner took some people from SMU to Ole Miss to experience “The Grove”. Afterwards, they brainstormed about how to make their own Mustang version.

The boulevard has expanded each year, taking up more space on campus to leave room for more activities and entertainment.

“In the first few years it was really limited to the main boulevard, but now it has grown a lot more. It now stretches down off to Hughes-Trigg and all the way up to Dallas Hall,” Ali Bradshaw, the director of sales for SMU’s athletic department said.

Boulevarding has also grown over the past 10 years with the types of activities that have been added. The newest addition? Concerts in front of Dallas Hall. Among the many guest musicians, the SMU community welcomed Jack Ingram to perform before the homecoming game against Texas Christian University.

The flagpole is the hotspot for the sponsors who got involved in the Mustang tradition to promote their brands and products with the boulevard community.

Preparations for the boulevard start early… The Thursday before game day is devoted to making sure everything is in place for the tents to be set up. We have the SMU athletic department to thank for the coordinated tents and festive environment that is ready for a party by game day.

Before SMU had the boulevard there was little, if any, tailgating at all. SMU was a dry campus and the games were held at the Cotton Bowl Stadium. David Sanchez, a SMU alum, said that tailgating was “nothing like today’s world.”

Sanchez and some of his fellow graduates have been coming back to SMU to meet up and enjoy a fun afternoon watching their old team. They take turns buying a spot on the boulevard so that they can be a part of the whole experience.

Prices for purchasing a spot on the boulevard range from $150 to $3,000 depending on where you want your spot to be located and whether or not you want to a spot for a single game or the season. For more information on buying a spot, click here.

Many alumni and Dallas residents buy spots on the main stretch of the boulevard. The fraternities and sororities get together to buy large tents on the main quad in front of Dallas Hall.

The fraternities and sororities each pair off on the boulevard to rent a tent that has two or more licensed bartenders who serve beer and wine to anyone over the age of 21.

The boulevard is one of SMU’s biggest traditions that many students, alumni, and residents in the Dallas area consider their favorite part of game day. It is an all day affair where friends can hang out, barbecue, and listen to music before and after the SMU football game.

“I’m definitely sad that I can no longer enjoy the boulevard as a student but that doesn’t mean I wont be back next year,” McLean said.

“Boulevarding” is not only a tradition- it’s an event that anyone can come and enjoy. To get an idea of what a typical boulevard experience entails, click here.