Campus Life Blog: Study Breaks

March 24, 2011 by · Comments Off 

Posted By Elena Harding

After the fun and sun of spring break, concentrating on school work can be difficult. When you feel your mind start to wander, take a small break and then renew your efforts. I think that method is more effective than trying to force yourself to stay on track until your task is finished.

Here are some suggestions that are the perfect amount of time for that break. They are long enough to let your mind wander and short enough that they don’t really cut into your study time, as long as you don’t watch too many.

1. YouTube: Videos are usually about 3-5 minutes long.
2. Articles are a fun, easy read which take about 5-8 minutes to read.
3. Strip Generator: Take a few minutes to create a comic strip of your very own.
4. Text Twist: This two-minute timed game is a fun way to improve your vocabulary.