Campus Life Blog: How to Handle Stress

January 31, 2011 by · Comments Off 

Posted by Elena Harding

It is the third week of the spring semester. Stressed out yet?

Whether you are worried about homework, falling behind, projects for class and anything in between, Kelci Lynn has some tips for reducing stress in college.

Some of the basic tips are easy to overlook. Such as tip two: “Get Some Sleep.” When readings seem endless and assignments are time consuming, sleep is often sacrificed to get everything done. However, sacrificing sleep means it will probably take longer to complete your assignments and the work will not be as good had you had enough rest.

One tip I did not anticipate was tip six: “Get Some Social Time.” Lynn writes that the brain is like a muscle and needs rest too. However, don’t use this tip as an excuse to ignore homework or classes. Taking a mental break means you have been exercising your brain in the first place.

It is not too late in the semester to get a handle on stress. It will pay off during stressful testing times.